Saturday, April 30, 2005

Pressure make me sick?

haih..suddenly got fever this morning when i wake up, maybe the pressure i got for this muet exam make me sick? i dont know. Maybe ppl will feel i am silly coz so easily get pressure, jz a muet exam will make me feel so much pressure, but i am the type tat easily got pressure lo..boh huat  ok,talk back my muet exam this morning..i feel sleepy when i do the objective ques, tat's y i dunhav mood to do n simply do..haha..writing part i think i did quite bad lo..this time maybe will get lower band than last time d.Aiya, dun care so much d.

Saturday, din go anywhere, jz stay at home, feel so bored.but then i dun feel wanna go anywhere also.hehe. Jz hope stpm faster pass lo..n then i will be free d



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  1. hi....u alwaz in pressure 1 eh lar...btw, got my own blog liao...if u free plz have a look lar..tata...